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List of Charismatic Reformed Churches
and/or people.

     Periodically, I receive an email thanking me for being Reformed and someone who believes in the spiritual gifts.  It turns out that there are a growing number of people and churches who hold the same views.

     If you would like to be listed as a church or individual who believes in the Reformed faith and the continuation of the charismatic gifts, please email me and let me know and I'll post your church name here.   If you have a website and/or email address or just want your name and city listed below, then just let me and I'll link it.  This list will develop slowly, but I know you're out there.


  1. Grace Church, Rancho Bernardo, CA.

  2. Christ Covenant Church, 4041 Denton Rd., Kansas City, MO 64133

  3. Antioch Community Church in Burlington/Elon NC.


  1. Jacob Lee, Sequin, TX

  2. James Eversole, Chicago, IL

  3. Ken Pecher, Granit City, IL 

  4. Tim Campbell, New Life Christian Fellowship, Geneva Illinois.

  5. Brad Myers, Edmond, Oklahoma

  6. Ben Enoch, Paris, Tennessee 

  7. Donald and Karen Jacobs, Okinawa Japan

  8. Thomas E. Arsenault, Mt. Zion Tabernacle, Hebron KY. 41018

  9. Mike Wellman, Catlettsburg, KY

  10. Jonathan Koh

  11. Lito Perez Cruz, Melbourne, Australia

  12. aimon fabbricotti, italy & Australia

  13. Lindsy Waters, Yazoo City, MS


     Also, check out this link to a denomination of Reformed churches that believe in the gifts!  Praise God!

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